Butterfly Companion Services 



Companionship represents one-to-one care with your loved one. This can mean: holding hands, playing music, going for a walk, reading, telling stories, playing a game, looking at photo albums, whatever is meaningful to them.

Senior Care

Senior Care represents specialized care provided by the caregiver. They have experience with the elderly including clients with dementia. Companions are caring and compassionate. They care for your loved ones as they would their own.

Personal Care

Personal Care represents assistance with washing face, brushing teeth, assisting with toileting, helping with bathing. It can also mean meal assist. The companion can assist with heating up a simple meal and ensuring client is able to eat, including helping with feeding, if required.

Grocery Shopping

Assisting with errands such as grocery shopping is available, including delivery. This can be arranged if clients are unable to do this type of errand for themselves. This can also be arranged on a scheduled basis, depending on client's need.


Respite can be provided for families who are experiencing caregiver burnout. This can be arranged on a scheduled basis, depending on need.

Community Services

Assistance can be provided to those who may require community services. Companion can assist with finding a community provider or program that is requested by the client. Client may not have access to a computer or cell phone with services to do searches, for example.